Beijing Counect International Technology

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Company Profile

Counect is a technology-innovation company focusing on retail integrated format, providing clients with overall solutions for sales data collection and intelligent analysis services. Data collection product (Counect CUBE) uses the self-developed and globally patented bus plug-in monitoring technology, covering receipt printer monitoring, interactive device monitoring, vending machine monitoring and coin monitoring. Intelligent sales data analysis services (Counect REAL) include REAL Mall for shopping complex management, REAL Store for merchants and operators management, REAL Guide for consumer shopping guides, and REAL Basic for tax regulation and e-tickets. Founded in 2010, Counect serves 1000+ clients across 300+ cities in 7 countries and regions, and processes more than 50 million transactions and bills per month, reaching more than 1 million consumers per month. The business covers many fields such as commercial property, e-tickets, government taxation and so on, and has launched long-term stable cooperative relations with real estate giants such as CapitaLand, Vanke, and Beijing Capital International Airport.

Counect’s professional team comes from a long-span range from post-60s to post-95s. From executives of well-known international listed companies to core members of college students’ entrepreneurial teams, they are capable, energetic, experienced and even more amazing, and are constantly opening up the new territories. What they are looking for is not a final solution, but more possibilities in the future.

Our Investors

The fundamental value identification brings top venture capital institutions to Counect: GSR Ventures, Pereg Hill Ventures (Nielsen Group & Israel’s Innovation Fund), Kaiwu & Walden International Venture Capital. Long-term business collaboration has also brought star strategic investors to Counect: Ant Financial, Hylink, Fred Langhammer (Director of Disney & CEO of Estée Lauder) and Rick Kash (Chairman of Cambridge Information Group).