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Long-term recruitment of business and marketing talents with offline retail experience and a strong desire to improve the management level of the retail industry. We always welcome technical and product talents who have many years of Internet technology experience and inclusive spirit to bring Internet data technology to the huge offline retail market.

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Enterprises, institutions and independent professional personnel who intend to enter the integrated-format retail market and provide customers with CRM management, ERP management, membership points management, precision marketing management, digital receipt and bookkeeping, big data analysis and modeling.

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Global Agents

System integrators and system developers serving long-term retail integrated formats in various countries and regions.

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Professional Medias

There is no concept or model of hype. There are only hard stones that have long hindered the development of retail industry. If you are not looking for the hotspot of Chinese model, but the highlights of Chinese innovation, Counect will actively cooperate and thank you for your report.

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Investors who firmly believe that data technology can move from e-commerce to offline retail and Chinese innovation companies can go from home to overseas, and provide resources for overseas markets.

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