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Omni-Channel Member Engagement

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What is the core of a good CRM

Profound Understanding

User portrait engine that is integrated and with flexible and extensible labels

Targeted Engagement

Automated, simplified, and highly extensible member engagement tools

What CRM needs to achieve is how to easily and automatically manage the user portrait of members. Enrich the label of member portrait through data from various channels, and conduct accurate and targeted marketing for members based on data analysis to maintain high activity, engagement and repurchase rate of members, thereby achieving the ultimate goal of increasing revenue and profit.

Best in Class – Stemming from our understanding of native member and loyalty

Omni-Channel Challenge

Multi-Mall / Multi-Brand Omni-Channel Challenge

Loyalty Management

Complete visual consumer overview

  • Auto Segmentation

  • Auto Tagging

  • Profiling

  • Customer Scoring

  • Influence Scoring

  • Customer KPI

  • Social Interactions

  • Member Touch Point Interactions

  • Media Interactions

  • Online Engagements

  • In-Store Engagements

  • Mobile Engagements

User Portrait: Full Interactive Touch Timeline

  • Profile attributes

  • Buying behavior

  • Consumption level

  • Member activity level

  • Interest

  • Social circle

  • Family

  • Demographic

  • Lifecycle

  • Buying frequency

  • Customer journeys

  • Activity

  • Bonus points use

Member Lifetime Management

  • Customer journey map ensures that customers are engaged in a meaningful way at the right time by a mall
  • It costs a lot more to acquire a new member than to keep existing member customers
  • Re-activation programs are proven to win back many member customers who would otherwise have left
  • Understanding customer journey is a key to increase customer lifetime value

Member / Customer Points

Counect SPOT Member Points Application

Consumer scans QR code to collect points

Attached between cashier and receipt printer, CUBE will analyses the print data and prints a unique QR code at the foot of receipt. Consumer scans the QR code to collect points.

Cashier scans QR code to collect points

Connect a scanner to CUBE. CUBE will analyses the print data and enable the scanner. Consumer show his membership-card or digital one with QR code or barcode on it. Cashier scans the QR code or bar code to help consumer collecting points.

Points collected via number pad

Connect a number pad to CUBE. CUBE will analyses the print data and enable the number pad. Consumer enter the member ID or phone number to collect points.

Member / Customer Engagement

Data-driven member marketing: Personalized Marketing Automation

Refined trend of marketing – Client case study

Through the data and analysis of Reaktor’s member marketing engine, clients engaged to implement marketing automation and brand information automation based on member behavior with automated and individually triggered personal messages.

Target objective is to activate the members to increase engagement and interactions with the brand.

Open rate of marketing automation generating whopping
conversion into actual transactions
days from opening communication

Features Overview

Marketing campaigns that reach beyond Email

  • Campaign timeline & calendar

  • SMS, email, push and more

  • Communicate with vouchers, points, etc

  • Drag & Drop visual editor for responsive EDM

  • Campaign budget and billing

  • Contact policy

  • Auto black out dates

  • Seed list

  • Conditional templates

  • Multi-wave multi-tier campaign management

  • A / B testing automation

  • Approval levels & workflow

  • Member behavior history, including click through rate, delivery rate, open rate, and purchase rate

Member APP or Mini Program

In-Store Engagement – Tablet Application

Self Service Tablet at the Counter

Tablet is skinned to your preferred branding and look

Analytics and KPI Workshops

More features can be customized on demand