Member Points Solution

For Shopping Malls

Tenant access application serving member points and marketing

SPOT-Points is a tenant access application that serves member points and marketing. Through SPOT-Points, users can quickly, securely and conveniently connect heterogeneous POS terminals of tenants to the membership CRM system of shopping malls. The implementation of self-service points mode by scanning QR code in SPOT-Points can fully meet the functional requirements for members to scan the QR code on the receipt for collecting points and redemption.

Step 1, members earn points after consumption. SPOT-Points prints a QR code at the end of the tenant’s receipt through CUBE, and then the consumer uses the mall’s membership app or WeChat Official Account to scan the QR code for earning points.

Step 2, redeem points or vouchers. When using points or vouchers via membership app or WeChat Official Account, consumers select the target tenant (or scan the QR code when entering the store), and the CUBE can be dispatched through the SPOT Points API to drive the tenant’s printer to print out the verification voucher. This voucher is the consumer’s redemption voucher, as well as the voucher for reconciliation and objection between the tenant and the shopping mall.


  • Fast member acquisition via WeChat Official Account

  • Unified, stylish and efficient member points experience

  • The scalability of member marketing in the future

  • Quantitative evaluation of marketing effectiveness

  • Breaking the information isolation to enable commercial retail CRM to truly land in shopping malls

Product Portfolio

  • Marketing effect evaluation

  • SPOT Points and Marketing solution + CUBE Series sales data collection products

  • Redemption via self-service equipment

  • SPOT Points and Marketing solution + COINNECT (Payment product for self-service equipment)