REAL Business Management Intelligent Analysis System

Statistical analysis of SKU-level sales data, rental management and tenant portraits with timeline

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New Upgraded Sales Overview

Sales amount, transactions, ATV, changes and SKU analysis/p>

SKU Analytics

Display the ranking of hot-selling goods in shopping malls over a period of time, allow shopping malls to reasonably reward and punish tenants, and provides the basis for the tenant’s goods (services) and overall format adjustment in the future.

A Blockbuster: Business Management Operation Module

Floor management and tenant health portrait with timeline

Timeline Floor Management

The vacancy situation and the operating status of each floor can be understood at a glance here.

The target chart simply and clearly marks the operation situation of each tenant. At the same time, it can also calculate the loss data of vacant stores in real time to help the shopping mall understand the situation and stop the losses in time to minimize the negative impact.

Tenant Health Portrait

Tenant Portrait is a brand new page for shopping malls to understand the overall health of a tenant.

The system will clearly list the number of tenants that need to be renewed (expiring within half a year), the number of tenants that need to be supported (large rent contribution but poor operation), and the number of tenants that need to be adjusted (both rent contribution and operation are poor). At the same time, all tenants are arranged in a point form according to rent per unit area, sales per unit area, and rent-to-sale ratio. It is very clear to judge whether an expiring tenant needs to be renewed.


A real-time sales data analytics service for shopping malls

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