CUBE 200s

Capture and analyze retail terminal sales data in real time

Classic CUBE

Extremely compatible modular design, plug and play

CUBE is the world’s first solution to collect receipt data from POS in the retail industry by means of hardware monitoring data cables, which has a global patents. As of October 2019, CUBE has served 1000+ clients across 300+ cities in 11 countries and regions, and processed more than 20 million transactions and bills per month, helping clients maximize the value of data.

  • The world’s first external mounted data cable monitoring device
  • Launched on April 22, 2010, the first income was donated to Yushu, which was destroyed by an earthquake.
  • Data collection, data processing, follow-printing dynamic QR code and barcode
  • Compatible with 99%+ common receipt printers
  • 3D system platform for device status, data collection, and data analysis management
  • Can be integrated with third-party standard device

Modular Design

Reduce complexity, improve compatibility, and protect customer investment