Smart printer capable of capturing and analyzing sales data

New generation CUBE smart printer

80mm high-speed printing, suitable for multiple operating systems

The new generation of CUBE smart printer, 80mm high-speed printing, suitable for multiple operating systems.

  • Operating system compatible, including: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Linux
  • Multiple printing methods, including: USB, RJ45, Wi-Fi (including AirPrint), Bluetooth, NFC
  • Completely collect data, 100% of all print information and accessory input information can be collected
  • Precise follow-printing, which can intelligently follow-print QR code, image and text according to multiple preset conditions.
  • Optional accessory connection, which can connect the code scanner, keyboard or screen via multiple built-in ports
  • Remote device management, which can monitor the device status and send print tasks in the cloud

Cost-effective smart printer

Powerful performance, small size and easy expansion